The starter kit provides several Toolchain Templates which can be used to create IBM DevOps Toolchains with the appropriate tools pre-configured to build and deploy IBM Blockchain Platform projects.

Each toolchain template has its own branch in the blockchain-toolchain repository. The toolchain creation page for each template will typically be opened using a button or link provided as part of an article or tutorial. The URL parameters for these are described on the Toolchain Creation Page Parameters Wiki page.

Smart Contract Toolchain

Branch: chaincode

The smart contract toolchain can build smart contracts written in Go or Node.js, and deploy deploy them to the IBM Blockchain Platform.

Additional query parameters used by this toolchain:

Query parameter Description Valid values
platform The type of project to build go or js
bootstrapRepo The source repository of the project to build Repository URL

For example:

Go chaincode

Deploy To Bluemix

Node.js chaincode

Deploy To Bluemix