This starter kit is intended to bootstrap your full-stack development experience building blockchain applications on top of Hyperledger frameworks.

A typical permissionable blockchain application stack has 3 highly coupled layers:

  1. Smart Contracts (i.e. chaincode) for defining business logic as permissionable state transitions within the ledger
  2. REST API Server for exposing a uniform interface to invoke smart contracts with (i.e. web)
  3. UI Interface for creating a sensible user experience (i.e. linking buttons to api endpoints)

There are several tools within this kit which will allow a developer to implement, deploy, and link each layer of this stack.

There are also some sample applications which can demonstrate typical implementations and showcase common patterns.

If you would like to contribute to the kit, check out our contributing guide.



For each layer of the application stack, we have created a custom bluemix toolchain template. This template configures the relevant development environment with version tracking (cloning from a scaffolding repo) and continuous integration (using our build-test-deploy framework).

Check out the toolchains.

Scaffolding Code

We have created several repositories which can serve as the foundational structure and default configuration for each layer of the stack.

Smart Contract Scaffolding

Fabric: NodeJS
Fabric: goLang
Composer: JS/bna

API Scaffolding

Fabric: Express

UI Scaffolding (WIP)

Coming Soon…

Build Test Deploy Framework (WIP)

We have built a comprehensive build-test-deploy framework for developing smart contracts within Hyperledger frameworks. This framework is used within the delivery pipelines created by the bluemix toolchains in this kit. We are planning on releasing a contained CLI which employs these scripts soon!

Check out the scripting library.


Composer Walkthrough: Vehicle Manufacture Example